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Hi, I'm Brian.
Welcome to ScholarSkills School of Reading Excellence.

ScholarSkills School of Reading Excellence is an online elementary school that equips parents to teach their children how to read from pre-kindergarten to third grade. We provide easy-to use multisensory tools, interactive online courses, and personal coaching that helps parents develop confidence and skill to help their children at every level of the journey towards excellence in reading.

My Story

Hi, I'm Brian Vieira (M.A.). Thanks for visiting this site.

I am the founder of ScholarSkills School of Reading Excellence and the author of twenty-three books on English orthography, morphology, etymology, and dyslexia that help parents and teachers equip students with the skills they need to spell, write, and read with confidence and excellence. 

You can learn more about the multisensory, Orton-Gillingham reading skills curricula we've developed and used successfully over the last twenty-five years by clicking on the links below.

Learn more about me by clicking on the link below:

Brian Vieira's Bio

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